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Inline Extrusion

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MEAF’s philosophy, since its commencement in 1947, has always been to engineer, develop and build flexible thermoforming equipment to the worldwide packaging and polymer processing industry. The extraordinary success of the MEAF inline combination production plants comes forth out of the MEAF philosophy in combination with a partnership approach towards a customer, supporting them along each phase of your (buying) process and many years after the purchase!

Other major advantages for working in-line are:

  • Direct feeding of the hot sheet provides a constant cup quality;
  • The cycles p/minute are higher than with a traditional off-line system due to direct feeding;
  • Continuous production results in less waste material (for example – eliminating the need for side trims);
  • The closed-loop grinding, filling and dosing system ensures less foreign materials and dust will enter the production process;
  • Operating in-line requires less operators than producing with 2 separate lines, thereby saving labour costs!

The MEAF’s Inline extruders can be synchronized in speed with all thermoforming machine brands, due to the automatic adaption of the calander speed, ensuring a continuous flow of production, even when adjusting the thermoforming machine!


Suitable for


Main motor

90-160kW AC motor with frequency drive

Screw diameter


Barrel L/D ratio

34:1 - 36:1

Screen changer type

Manual or continuous

Melt pressure pump


Die width

600 - 1200 mm

Sheet thickness

0.2 – 2.5 mm


400 - 1000kg/hr