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Save upto EUR 80.640 p/year on energy costs!


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MEAF’s KMS600 is our high capacity thermoforming machine, designed for companies that require higher-level capacity, with three till five row moulds.

MEAF’s thermoforming machine KMS600 combines tilting technology with a linear driven actuator, which makes the KMS600 a reliable, low-maintenance and durable asset. It is an ideal asset for medium-sized to larger companies that require higher outputs (maximum of 70.000 cups p/hour) and process efficiency!

The KMS600 thermoforming machine is designed to be:

  • Sustainable due to production space reduction, lasting equipment life and optional air-saving system;
  • Operated efficiently due to compact build & operator friendly, in-house by MEAF developed, operating system “Thermosol”;
  • Flexible, due to the ability to draw products up to 180mm deep across the entire forming area;
  • Customisable (even after sales) due to possibility of utilizing of moulds of different, competitors and/or manufacturers  and upgrading machine for thicker material ( up to 2.500 µm | 2.5mm).

MEAF’s philosophy, since its commencement in 1947, has always been to engineer, develop and build flexible thermoforming equipment to the worldwide packaging and polymer processing industry. The extraordinary success of the MEAF thermoforming machines comes forth out of the MEAF philosophy in combination with a partnership approach towards a customer, supporting them along each phase of your (buying) process and many years after the purchase!

Advantages of the MEAF KMS600 thermoforming machine:

  • Compact design, with a rigid, heavy duty forming station, reducing the required production space;
  • Servodriven mouldtable movement, providing a maintenance free, long lifetime drive with the highest possible accuracy;
  • Servodriven plug assist, providing 17.500 N of force (upgradable to 35.000 N of force for sheet > 2.0mm);
  • Fully automatic lubrication system for all major parts;
  • Individually controlled heating zones in lower heating frame for better product control;
  • User and operator friendly operating system “Thermosol”;

The KMS600 comes standard with all of the above mentioned features, providing you a flexible, efficient and heavy duty thermoforming machine!

Air saving technology

Compressed air is one of the most expensive sources of energy in a production plant. Due to the ever increasing energy prices, MEAF has developed the option of having an servodriven plug assist equipped with an air saving system. This system is providing an opportunity to reduce energy consumption as well as control the costs per product!

Inline thermoforming

All the machines can be supplied as an inline version, consisting of a complete production plant, starting from the raw material feed in granules through to the packaging of the finished product , including the in-line refeeding of the granulated skeletal material.


Suitable for PP, PS, HIPS, PET, PLA, PVC Sheet width 640mm Sheet thickness 0.3 – 1.9 mm (> 1.9mm on request) Max. forming area 600 x 350mm Forming depth 5 – 180 mm No-load cycle 0-40 cycles min (real capacity depends on raw material, product design and sheet thickness) Voltage 400V, 201A, 50Hz Power 65kW Main motor for leverage and tilting 15kW Motor for rotation 10kW Motor for sheet transport 4.7kW Servoplug 10 kW Cutting power 300.000 Newton, 400.000 on request Top heating 32.0 kW Under heating 34.0 kW Top heating zones (individually controlled) 9 longitudinal rows Lower heating zones (individually controlled) 9 longitudinal rows and 5 cross rows Air consumption Approximately 2 m³/hr (depends on machine speed, mould type and stacker) Air pressure6 – 8 bar Cooling water consumption Approximately 3 m³/hr @ 6 – 15°C Cooling water pressure 3 – 5 bar Refrigerating capacity Depending on mould type