Meaf Machines B.V.

Preheating unit

Certain types of sheet require additional heating on top of the usual heating performed in the thermoforming machine (for example PP). A solution for this matter is the utilization of a preheating unit that is installed between the unwind unit (a special unwind unit with splicing table is required!) and the thermoforming machine.

When running on larger thermoforming machines such as the KMS-600, which require additional capacity and quicker heating and transport of the sheet, MEAF’s 46kW preheating unit is the one to go with! For smaller thermoforming machines with less capacity, we recommend MEAF’s 18kW preheating unit and for material with sheet thickness < 1,0 mm the 24kW prehating unit for material with a sheet thickness > 1,0mm.

Preheating unit highlights

  • Compact design with a rigid and sturdy chamber
  • Synchronization between preheater and thermoforming machine
  • Motor for transporting the sheet is integrated in the preheater
  • Smooth running of the sheet by means of frequency inverter
  • Alarm indication when plastic reel is empty

The insulated hot-chamber preheating unit consists of a chamber with many rolls, transporting the plastic sheet through the heating chamber. During the long stay in the hot area the tension in the PP sheet relaxes and the temperature of the PP sheet increases. This extra heating of the sheet results in a higher production speed, and reduces the electricity consumption of the thermoforming machine. In this hot-chamber are transport rolls, which transport the sheet continuously through the preheater, synchronically with the speed of the thermoforming machine. This synchronization between the two machines is special developed by MEAF

The air is heated by strong alloy-steel CALROD heaters and air fans distribute this hot air equal through the complete chamber to get everywhere an equal level of temperature. The pre heater is provided with an accurate PHILIPS temperature control and safety device in case of overheating. The speed control of the rollers is by a LENZE frequency inverter for smooth running. The LENZE motor and gearbox are on the outside of the pre-heater. The alarm flash lamp lights when the plastic reel is empty. The unwind part is combined in the preheating unit; so when using a preheating unit, no extra motor driven unwind unit is needed.


Heating power


Sheet transport

Motor with frequency inverter

Max. temperature

up to 140°C

Film width max.

800 mm

Sheet storage

22 meters

Main voltage

3 x 400 Volt 3 phase/N/PE 50 Hz