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Modern production machines only can fulfill the high expectations of customers, if they can be operated and controlled in an easy but efficient way. With the MEAF control system with user-friendly features and many diagnostic tools, we can make life easier for operators and maintenance personnel on existing extrusion lines or thermoforming machines.

Extrusol is controlled by means of a touch screen and can be set for different levels of access. The combination of the control system with the SpeedAdjust handwheels gives the operator the possibility to quickly, simultaneously and accurately change of the speeds main extruder screw motor, gearpump motor, chromium cooling roller motors and the coextruder screw motor.

Advantages of implementing a control system upgrade

  • Additional communication ports such as Ethernet and USB can be used;
  • Long term availability of spareparts is ensured;
  • The new PLC can be used for remote assistance

Besides implementing a more user friendlier operating system, there is the possibility of retrofitting outdated analog DC-drives with new digital AC-frequency drives. This might be required if existing units can no longer be repaired, the repairs are time-consuming or spare parts are no longer available due to discontinuing by the supplier.

A major advantage of retrofitting with a MEAF provided drive is the transmitting of existing parameters of the old unit into the new by means of a small keypad. This rules out the necessity of readjusting.

Advantages of a drive system upgrade

  • Improved process controls
  • Increased energy savings
  • Reduced wear on machinery
  • Improved PF (Power Factor)

As processes are becoming more and more complex, the requirement for accurate data-analysis is becoming a vital part in the production sequence. With the integration of the EXTRUSOL control system, the possibility of storage of process data on a compact flash card or USB stick at a variable time interval (i.e. 10 seconds) is possible. This includes all extruder parameters (output, speed, temperature, pressure, etc.). The logged file can be used as a diagnostic tool in order to filter out material discrepancies or extruder performance.


When it is paramount after data review or during the extrusion process that an error has occurred, the remote assistance possibilities, which come with the control system upgrade, allow MEAF’s service engineer to review the errors and provide analysis from MEAF’s factory. This saves time-consuming visits to analyze the error


Performing control or drive system upgrades to an existing extruder can improve the asset’s performance, energy savings, process control and efficiency. Furthermore it provides the opportunity of adding additional communication ports such as Ethernet and USB.

When the control/drive system upgrade has been done it will ensure long term availibility of spareparts due to the standarization of the new system and in addition there is no readjusting required as all the parameters of the replaced unit are transmitted by means of a small keypad.

As constant quality and process control are becoming more and more important, the data registration program provides an accurate database unit which stores product data at a variable time interval. This way the machine run can be analyzed on discrepancies and overall performance.

With the remote assistance function built into the machine, it provides Customer maintenance supervisor and/or MEAF engineers the possibility to run diagnostic checks and error analyses from a distance.