About us

MEAF Machines B.V. has been manufacturing equipment for the plastics industry for more than seventy five years and has positioned itself as a specialist in building compact sheet extrusion lines for a wide variety of extrusion applications. Our philosophy when it comes to machine manufacturing is to add maximum value to the customer, combined with a sustainable approach when it comes to recycling/re-usage of raw materials which results in a minimal the impact on the environment.

 This philosophy results in extrusion lines that produce

the highest product quality against
the lowest energy consumption,

with the smallest footprint possible and maximum recycling of raw materials.

MEAF team

The MEAF factory’s nerve centre consists of the state-of-the-art design department. From the Solid Edge design, the workshop translates with precision the design from concept into finished equipment with very tight tolerances. The Sales & Marketing team, assisted ably by the Technical Service department, helps to evolve the so-called concept-to-commerce strategies in close liaison with the customer.

The customers infrastructural planning is proficiently supported and assisted in calculating needs of utilities, energy and material balances, feasibility studies and occasionally even presenting to the customers financial institutions the cost calculations. These have all contributed considerably to the success of the MEAF range of machines.

MEAF’s approach to your project

  • Over seventy-five years of in-house experience, founded on a production/practical approach towards extrusion line design and manufacturing

  • Possibilities for customization according to customer’s technical and space requirements

  • Ongoing research and development work

  • Close co-operation with raw material and auxiliary manufacturers for a complete turn-key production line delivery

  • Providing excellent troubleshooting and after-sales service on a world-wide basis

  • Assisting customers with every step of the process, even years after the purchase of a machine


MEAF was established in 1947 by a young man with golden hands. Just after World War II there was a great shortage of all sorts of utensils and Adriaan Hovestadt was ready to produce them all. MEAF’s name originates from its origins as a modest one-man company, Metaalwaren En Apparaten Fabriek – Metalwork and Equipment Factory, also known as MEAF. In the following years he would conquer the market with an eclectic variety of products.

With the introduction of plastic, MEAF started to produce jerry cans, lifebuoys, bollards and even surf boards. Over time Adriaan Hovestadt also started to construct the machines that manufactured these products himself. His unfailing urge to find solutions and to innovate made him known as “The Inventor”.

So much so that His Royal Highness Prince Claus paid him a visit in 1967, and twenty years later he was awarded a Royal Golden Medal of Honour.

Nowadays MEAF is a 3rd generation family owned company which is still domiciled in Yerseke (Southern part of the Netherlands), solidly rooted in the past and continuously innovating its technology, MEAF evolved into a reliable player in the extrusion industry. Over the course of many decades we have grown into a flourishing enterprise, exporting our production lines all over the world!