The basis for packaging disposables is a sheet which matches the highest quality standards you desire for your food and non-food products. Whether you are looking for an extended shelf-life, rigidity for transport, barrier-sheet usage or mono material to optimize recycling (tray-to-tray) it all starts with the sheet.

Our energy efficient sheet extrusion lines provide you with the production line to meet the highest possible standards for various type of thermoformable sheets, such as PET, PP, PS or even biodegradable polymers such as PLA and PBAT. MEAF’s extrusion lines guarantee you low(est) energy consumption per kilogram of sheet, flexibility in utilisation of various materials with the same machine and maximum configurability to cater to your needs.

Opting for a (new) sheet extrusion line or rethinking your current production process? MEAF’s specialists are at your disposal to discuss your project from the initial stage up to realisation of a production line which fits your requirements.