Winding system

Although the winding of the sheet is the final stage of the sheet extrusion line, it is just as important to ensure a proper production process. In our portfolio there is a wide variety of winding system possibilities, chosen by MEAF to meet your production requirements. One of the key factors in the choice of winder are the amount of lanes to be wound simultaneously, sheet extrusion line speed (how many m/min is being produced), final roll diameter & weight as well as space availability in your factory.

Depending on the various variables, MEAF can provide different types of winding systems. They are available up to 4 stations and the various configurations include:

  1. Winder with A-Frames (larger finished diameter rolls up to 1200mm diameter);
  2. Winder with A-Frames with platform (larger finished diameter rolls up to 2000mm diameter);
  3. Cantilever winder (small to medium finished roll diameters and limited space availability);
  4. Revolver turret winder (small to medium finished roll diameters with many roll change cycles

Winding system

Sheet width
Up to 2.000 mm
Sheet thickness
0.15 – 2.5 mm
Winding stations
1 – 8
up to 85 meter/min.
Multi lane winding
up to 4 lanes simultaneously
Winding shaft
Pneumatic or friction (3”, 6” or 8”)
Winding core
Paper, plastic or paperless
Safety function options
Pulling cords
Sheet tension reduction during changing rolls
Pressuresensative walking areas (on request)
Light curtains (on request)
Protective guards (optional on request)

Roll changes at high line speeds

For sheet extrusion lines with line speeds over 25 meters/min an accumulator, also known as a buffer, with an additional rubber roller unit is required. The buffer ensures that the sheet extrusion line can continue producing without reducing the output and allowing the operator to safely change the sheet onto the other winding shaft at low speed. Besides the storage and safe roll change function, it can also be used as additional sheet cooling capacity.

In order to maintain a constant sheet tension, an additional rubber roller, after the accumulator, is necessary. In addition to the rubber roller, the winding system is equipped with servo driven winder motors as well as in-house developed and maintained winder software for a constant sheet tension during the winding process, automatic roll diameter and total sheet length calculation.

To acquire a properly wound roll, an automatic traversal cutting system is integrated in the winding system. This system ensures an efficient and straight cut during the roll change.


Sheet width
Up to 2.000 mm
Sheet thickness
0.15 – 2.5 mm
Storage capacity
up to 50 meters

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