A wide variety of (thermo)plastic sheet applications are commonly used in various industrial settings. Whether it be for vacuum forming luggage shell cases and refrigerator liners to high-impact car parts or even conveyor belts used in for example the food processing or bakery productions or advertisement signs and exhibition displays, our extrusion lines are capable to produce the desired sheet you require.

Our extrusion lines are optimised to work with a variety of materials (even with lower melt temperatures such as PVB and PB1) and are optimised to provide them ready to use for your next production cycle. Whether it be in for plates to be cut/sawn into a certain size or having the (thermo)plastic sheet being wound onto a roll, MEAF’s complete one stop shop can assist you with your production needs.

Looking for an industrial application of a thermoplastic polymer or considering replacing an existing production line with an extrusion line for a PP or PE sheet? Feel free to contact one of MEAF ‘s specialists to converse your project with from the application requirements to the choice of material (compound) and eventually to a custom-made, energy efficient production line running in your factory.

sheet extrusion lines