Sustainability, toughness, flexibility and recyclability are key components for automotive mats. Our extrusion lines are suitable to ensure that you can produce the desired backing for your automotive mats including your customer’s logo or desired pattern. This is ensured through prepare the (middle) chromium roller with a surface design, custom made to your requirements. In addition to the surface design, the chromium roller is quickly interchangeable as well.

As the automotive industry is a demanding industry, whereby many different backing configurations could be required, our extrusion lines are suitable to work with a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers, such as TPE, TPO, TPR and TPU. Even the addition of a mineral filler like CaCo3 (Calcium carbonate) or talcum (also called talc) to your compound in high concentrations provides no issues for MEAF’s extrusion lines.

sheet extrusion lines