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With the increasing interest and customer demands for the use of non-fossil based plastics in packaging or other industries, MEAF has ensured that our extrusion lines are suitable to work with both bio-based (such as Bio-PE, Bio-PP and even Bio-PET), biodegradable (such as PLA and PHA) or bio-based and biodegradable plastics.

Extrusion capabilities

0.15 – 2.5 mm
Up to 1500 kg/hr (single layer)
Multi-layer options
Up to 3 layers

Difference between biodegradable and biobased

In the industry, the terms biodegradable and biobased are confused by customers; although they are part of the same group of plastics, they are chemically different. A bioplastic can have one of the characteristics but also a combination of both (being biodegradable and bio-based).

A biodegradable plastic is a polymer which under the optimum environmental circumstances will degrade into natural elements such as water and carbon dioxide. Even fossil based bioplastics such as PBAT and PCL are considered a bioplastic, as they are able to degrade under the right circumstances.

A bio-based material means that the basis of the polymer consists, either in whole or partial, of a natural source (biomass); common examples are cellulose, corn starch or sugar cane. Even the most commodity polymers such as PE and PP can be made from biobased material (bioethanol) and thereby are included in the bio-based polymer family, yet are not biodegradable.

When considering a bioplastic as the basis for a (new) production line, our extrusion lines are suitable to meet this demand from the start. With the low-shear design screw and barrel in combination with our optimised configuration, provides you with a sheet extrusion line that can produce both commodity polymers (such as PP, PS, PE) as well as bioplastics.

Besides optimum machine configuration for your production process, MEAF’s extrusion lines are fitted with our in-house developed, operator-friendly control system ExtruSol, which provides easiness of operation as well as the possibilities for remote diagnostics by MEAF’s specialists to ensure that you have maximum uptime and direct support when needed.

Bioplastic sheet extrusion lines key advantages:

  • Increased output with smaller sized extruders.

    Improved by 20% – 100%

  • Increased energy efficiency

    By 10 – 65 % per kilogram of produced product

  • Process (bioplastic) polymers with low melt temperatures

    Low friction extruder ensures better manageable melt temperature outputs.

  • Optimal processing with regrind/recycled material

    Up to 100% regrind

  • Stable pressure at higher outputs

    Minimal flow and pressure fluctuations

  • Multiple materials with same screw and barrel design

    Extrusion line suitable for both bioplastics as well as commodity polymers such as PP, PS, APET and PE

See our line in action!

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