A rollstack (also commonly known as the calander or the take-off system) is one of the most vital parts to ensure continuous production of constant sheet quality with the highest possible standards. Depending on your requirements or preferences, MEAF can deliver our calander in various variants:

  1. Vertical;
  2. Inclined (45º);
  3. Horizontal

Besides the position of the rollstack, the diameter of the chromium rollers are configured according to the required capacity of the extrusion line. The double shell, hard chrome plated polishing roller’s diameters range from 300 – 600mm and are fitted with an internal cooling spiral. This ensures an efficient and uniform cooling and heat extraction over the full length of the chromium roller. In order to ensure that trouble free running, all chromium rollers are supported with heavy-duty, self-aligning bearings and all 3 rollers are separately driven by servo-drives and AC-motors.

Roll stack/calander

Calander width
Up to 5.000 mm
Sheet thickness
0.15 – 10.0 mm
Chromium roller diameter
300 – 600 mm
After cooling rollers diameter
240 mm
Can be integrated when required (also after order).

Cooling roller temperature regulation unit

The individual temperature regulation of the chromium rollers is done my means of a microprocessor controlled temperature regulation unit, which is connected to a chiller. The parameters of the individual temperature settings can be stored in the recipe management system in the control panel of the extrusion line.

Roller gap adjustment system

The gap or nip between the three rollers can be finely and accurately set by means of manual adjustments system driven by wedges. The nip adjustment has a digital read out up on an LCD screen up to one thousandth of a millimetre.

A more advanced system is also available, whereby the adjustment process is motorized and the settings can be stored as a parameter in the production recipe. The control, read-out of the gap and the storage of the parameters is all centralised in the operator panel.

Line and chromium roller speed

The operator’s control over the entire process is critical in order to produce constant high quality sheet. Beside the chromium roller control, the line speed of the top and bottom roller are regulated by means of an offset value, which allows you to set the speed within a 5% margin.

Rubber-roll unit with side trim and multiple lane cutting system

The rubber-roller, or take-off unit, is placed behind the calander and is fitted with a knives system for cutting the side trims and/or multiple lane cutting. The knives are static stanley knives with a double knife holders for fast and easy replacing of the knives during running of the line. This ensures no additional downtime or production loss when a knife requires to be changed.

As an alternative to the Stanley knife cutting system, roller knives can be installed. These different type of knives could be required for cutting thick(er) and/or more brittle sheets.

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