Feedblock and dies

Flat die

When opting to produce multilayer sheet, a properly working feedblock or black-box is needed in order to produce the correct distribution of each of the layers. Whether you are looking for a basic 3 layer configuration to add a virgin top layer or a colour top layer to your sheet, up to more complex configurations for barrier sheet and adhesives, MEAF can provide you with co-extrusion sheet line to fit your production needs, such as:

  1. Two/multiple coloured sheet (side by side extrusion);
  2. B-A-B (A-B-A) or B-A-B-C layer configuration for regrind material solutions;
  3. EVOH barrier sheet;
  4. G-PET and so called PETGAG sheet;
  5. A coextruded layer with additives like anti-blocking, usually done with PET material.

As with flat dies, the feedblocks internal channels are computer calculated for optimum distribution of the materials. The layer distribution is arranged by either layer selector plugs or with valves.

Flat die

Sheet width
Up to 5.000 mm
0.15 – 10.0 mm
Single or multiple
up to 300 mm on each side

Automatic lip adjustment system

When the highest quality and precision on sheet thickness control is required, MEAF can also deliver dies with an automatic lip adjustment system. This system is connected to the thickness measurement system, which directly feeds back the data to simultaneously adapt all adjustment bolts, ensuring the lowest sheet thickness variations possible.


As our sheet extrusion lines are suitable to work with a large array polymers and compounds for an assortment of variable widths, layers and thicknesses MEAF provides all of our flat dies from first-class die manufacturers.

Whether you are looking for an economical solution for a commodity polymer or a three layer manifold flat die, MEAF’s extensive network of flat die suppliers can provide the flat die to meet your sheet extrusion requirements.

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