Main extruder

Whether you are a producer of rigid packaging, carpet-backing or industrial polymer sheet applications, the MEAF H-series extruders provide a high-output with a compact machine footprint.

The MEAF H-series extruders are an unique and proven concept providing an optimised energy efficiency combined with the versatility to run a wide variety of materials, from commodity polymers (such as PP, PS, PET, PE) to biodegradable (e.g. PLA, PBAT) as well as engineering thermoplastics (f.e. PA, PBT, PPS and PEI), and polymers who have a highly sensitive temperature profile when being extruded (i.e. PVB or PB1).!

Besides the wide variety of polymers the H-series can extrude, the use of 100% regrind (both Post-Consumer Recycled and Post Industrial Recycled material) or compounded material with a high concentration of mineral filler like CaCo3 (Calcium carbonate) or talcum (also called talc) provides no challenges for MEAF’s extrusion lines.

Main extruder key advantages

  • Increased output with smaller sized extruders.

    Can be improved by 20–100 %

  • Total sheet extrusion line energy consumption

    Can be reduced 10 – 65 % per kilogram of produced product

  • Optimal processing with regrind/recycled material

    Up to 100% regrind

  • Extruder temperature profile configuration

    Possible to process polymers with very low and/or very high melt temperatures

  • Reduced polymer degradation

    Due to lower required RPM’s ( less than 300 RPM – even at higher outputs) the polymers have less material degradation

  • Stable pressure at higher outputs

    Minimal flow and pressure fluctuations

  • Multiple materials with same screw and barrel design

    No need to change the screw when changing the raw material

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