Roll coating unit

When adding an liquid additive, such as antiblocking, antifog or antistatic, to a sheet as a part of the extrusion process, the coating of this additive is done by means of a silicone unit. Although in the packaging industry the liquid additives are most commonly used for PET and PS, they can be applied to a wide variety of sheets, films and foils.

Silicone unit

Our silicone unit, also known as a silicone bath, is based on the kiss roll system. The advantage of our silicone bath is the suitability for the application of antiblock and antistatic emulsion but also the more difficult to apply antifog, directly onto the extruded sheet.

The unit consists of a stainless steel frame, mounted with a roller unit with dripping system. This system ensures equal application of the emulsion. The dripping system consists of a stainless steel tank with a circulation pump to keep the emulsion mixed. If required for your production process, two different tanks can be installed to apply different liquids simultaneously on both sides of the sheet.


After the emulsion has been applied to the foil, it is being dried in order to remove any water present from the applied emulsion. The drying is done by means of 2 (two) sets hot air blowers, which are placed between the loops of sheet; the air blowers are in width and in power adjustable.

Silicone unit key advantages:

  • Frame fully made of stainless steel (food grade)

    No risk of contamination of the extruded sheet by paint flakes coming from the unit

  • Possibility to apply a different emulsion on each of the side (two emulsion in total)
  • Sheet drying trajectory optimised for silicone/oil-based emulsions

    The drying phase is optimised in order to minimize liquid additive stripes and/or residues

  • Suitable for one-sided and double sided emulsion application
  • Kiss-roll combined with dripping system for better-quality

    The dripping system combined with the pneumatically driven kissing rollers ensure an even distribution of the liquid additive on the foil

  • Standalone unit with independent control system

    Can be easily integrated into existing production lines

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