SAVE up to 924.000 kWh annualy
on your energy consumption!

We produce the most energy-efficient sheet extrusion lines for film an sheet available on the market!

The MEAF H-series extruders are equipped with an energy efficient design and optimisation of key-components, consisting of:
  1. Screw- and barrel design;
  2. Heating element configuration;
  3. Temperature profile during sheet extrusion;
  4. Insulation of key components in order to reduce energy loss to the ambient air.
This complete package ensures that the MEAF sheet extrusion line provides you with a flexible, versatile and the most energy-efficient sheet extrusion line in the market today.

MEAF energy efficient sheet extrusion line key advantages

  • Sheet extrusion line output

    Can be improved by 20–100 %

  • Total sheet extrusion line energy consumption

    By 10 – 65 % per kilogram of produced product

  • Optimised extruder temperature profile configuration

    Possible  to process polymers with very low and/or very high melt temperatures as well as almost all polymer variants incl. thermoplastics, bioplastics and engineering plastics

  • Reduced polymer degradation

    Due to lower required RPM’s (under 300 RPM – even at higher outputs) the polymers have less material degradation.

  • Optimal processing with regrind/recycled material
    (up to 100% regrind)
  • Multiple materials with same screw and barrel design

    No need to change the screw when changing the raw material