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Even for the most demanding projects, the highest end-product standards, MEAF is your flexible partner to meet your challenges. Without compromising on product integrity, we customize our extrusion lines in order to integrate our production line in your (existing) production process.

Whether the goal is to improve the utilisation of recycled material in your process, the utilisation of a complex compound as basis for your sheet or plate, add value to your product to improve recyclability at the end of life, our specialists can provide you with the solution to your production wishes. Besides the utilisation of recycled materials, we can assist you with extrusion coating lines, which add a coating layer on an existing sheet, fleece or any other material available.

Extrusion capabilities

0.15 – 10.0 mm
Up to 1500 kg/hr (single layer)
Multi-layer options
Up to 7 layers

Our extensive portfolio, built-up over 75 years, provides you with a solid foundation to realise your (customized) production line. Our H-series sheet extrusion lines are suited to work with a wide variety of polymers from engineering thermoplastics (such as PA, PBT, PPS and PEI) and thermoplastic elastomers (such as TPE, TPO and TPU) but also polymers who have a highly sensitive temperature profile when being extruded (such as PVB or PB1).

With MEAF’s longstanding history of innovation and in-house testing facility, we can support you from the initial tests at our factory (by means of our in-house production scale test extrusion line), up to the finalisation of the entire production line.

Besides optimum machine configuration for your production process, MEAF’s extrusion lines are fitted with our in-house developed, operator-friendly control system ExtruSol, which provides easiness of operation as well as the possibilities for remote diagnostics by MEAF’s specialists to ensure that you have maximum uptime and direct support when needed.

Specialities sheet extrusion lines key advantages:

  • Increased output with smaller sized extruders.

    Improved by 20% – 100%

  • Increased energy efficiency

    By 10 – 65 % per kilogram of produced product

  • Optimal processing with regrind/recycled material

    Up to 100% regrind

  • Stable pressure at higher outputs

    Minimal flow and pressure fluctuations

  • Multiple materials with same screw and barrel design

    No need to change the screw when changing the raw material

  • Reduced polymer degradation

    Low friction extruder (less than 300 RPM – even at higher outputs) which results in less material degradation.

  • Integration of MEAF sheet extrusion line with other processing equipment

    Extruder can be integrated with other auxiliaries such as unwinders, stitching units, cutting stations, cooling tracks and other third party equipment

See our line in action!

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