Co extruder

In order to increase the flexibility of your sheet extrusion line, MEAF can retrofit it with one or multiple co-extrusion lines. This gives your existing production line the advantage of producing both single as well as multilayers, without the necessity of investing in a complete new sheet extrusion line.

Retrofit co-extruder key advantages

  • Multilayer options

    From single up to 7 layers

  • Addition of colours

    For both one and double sided colouring

  • Virgin outer layer(s) for regrind material solution

    B-A-B (A-B-A) layer configuration for virgin one or double sided virgin outer layers

  • Addition of additives and/or masterbatches

    A coextruded layer with additives like anti-blocking, usually done with PET material

  • Co-extrusion layers for barrier sheets

    Additional barriers such as EVOH, EVA and/or PE sheet.

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