Main extruder

MEAF retrofit solution offers a one-stop shop for your existing extruder(s), by providing a full range of customer orientated solutions. Supported by an extensive database of extrusion knowledge, we are able to upgrade your existing line (of virtually any brand!) in order to meet changing process demands.

When an extruder has been producing over a longer period of time, many components get outdated and/or do not produce the required output as it once did. With our MEAF retrofit solution, your extruder can be replaced with the state of the art MEAF extruder. With our extensive knowledge of retrofit projects, we can integrate our extruder into your existing extrusion line, thereby ensuring an efficient and smooth production process.

Besides the increase in output, you will benefit from our in-house developed control system Extrusol as well as an unsurpassed energy efficiency. This will result in an updated production line without the necessity of investing in a complete new downstream for your existing sheet extrusion line.

Retrofit main extruder key advantages

  • Increased output with smaller sized extruders.

    Can be improved by 20–100 %

  • Total sheet extrusion line energy consumption

    Can be reduced 10 – 65 % per kilogram of produced product

  • Temperature of extrusion melt

    Temperature of the melt is better controllable due to less friction required

  • Extruder temperature profile configuration

    Possible to process polymers with very low and/or very high melt temperatures

  • Reduced polymer degradation

    Due to lower required RPM’s ( less than 300 RPM – even at higher outputs) the polymers have less material degradation

  • Multiple materials with same screw and barrel design

    No need to change the screw when changing the raw material

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