Industry 4.0

Extrusol control system

MEAF’S in-house developed digital machine control system ExtruSol sets the new standard in digital machine control. One single control station for all production processes, complete extrusion line synchronization, interconnectivity with other machines and systems, remote access for operation, supervision and service.

Global interconnectivity

Using the open standards like OPC-UA and HTML5 the machine control offers an open interface with full interconnectivity and data exchange with connected machinery.

Total control of your production – wherever you are.

With our central control station system you can monitor and even control MEAF’s extrusion lines from anywhere in the world. All you need is a simple laptop or mobile device and internet access.

Due to this standard feature in ExtruSol, we can offer comprehensive remote service, support and troubleshooting which reduces downtime and costs.

Extrusol digital control system key advantages

  • Central control station for complete production
  • Fully automatic and synchronized start-up of the complete extrusion line
  • Remote access for monitoring and intervention
  • Open standards
  • Seamless integration with M.A.D. (our Industry 4.0 solution)


M.A.D. (MEAF Agile Data) is your total solution for Industry 4.0 integration of your production line in order to exchange data of specific sheet extrusion line production parameters. Besides simply logging the data, M.A.D. provides a solution whereby, in addition to the data parameters, we supply a system to process this data. Our systems works according to the OPC-UA standard: Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture. This ensures that the data exchange is according to a unified pattern which is utilised widely in the industry and can be integrated in a wide variety of other diagnostic systems as well.

The system allows you to visualise the exchanged data into a dashboard with real-time view on the production process of your machine from your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

M.A.D. key advantages:

  • Total solution for implementation/utilisation of data exchange

    M.A.D. does not only provide the data but also the system to process this data

  • Data exchange is according to OPC-UA standard

    The data is presented according to industry most commonly used standard, therefore making it suitable for utilisation in other programs as well.

  • Real-time web-based dashboard

    System can be utilised on mobile phone, laptop or tablet for real-time, immediate access everywhere you have network connection

  • Downloadable data from your MEAF sheet extrusion line

    The downloadable data can be utilised for making customised production reports

  • Alarms & notifications

    User adaptable or customizable function blocks which easily can be re-used for simple implementation for dashboard.