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When producing thermoformed products in larger volumes, without the necessity to have (often) product changes an inline combination between the sheet extrusion line and thermoforming machine is the most efficient and economic production process.

MEAF’s inline extrusion lines automatically adapt the calander speed and extruder output, ensuring a continuous flow of production, even when adjusting the thermoforming machine. This integrated system can be utilised for virtually all brands of thermoforming machines.

Extrusion capabilities

0.3 – 2.5 mm
Up to 1200 kg/hr (single layer)
Multi-layer options
Up to 3 layers

In order to maximise integration and production efficieny, our inline refeed system provides the solution for the direct refeeding of the skeletal waste from the thermoforming machine to the extruder infeed zone.

Besides optimum machine configuration for your production process, MEAF’s extrusion lines are fitted with our in-house developed, operator-friendly control system ExtruSol, which provides easiness of operation as well as the possibilities for remote diagnostics by MEAF’s specialists to ensure that you have maximum uptime and direct support when needed.

Inline sheet extrusion lines key advantages:

  • Increased output with smaller sized extruders.

    Improved by 20% – 100%

  • Increased energy efficiency

    By 10 – 65 % per kilogram of produced product

  • Constant product quality and increased production volumes (cycles/min.)

    Realised through directly feeding of sheet in the thermoforming machine

  • Increased production efficiency

    Improved process due to direct feeding of the sheet into the thermoforming machine

  • Less foreign materials and dust will enter the production process

    Integrated skeletal waste refeed system ensures maximum production with smaller chance of contamination and without separate mixing

  • Multiple materials with same screw and barrel design

    No need to change the screw when changing the raw material

See our line in action!

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