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Save upto EUR 80.640 p/year on energy costs!


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The MEAF H-Series extruders are available in different screw and barrel sizes for different outputs and especially designed for high-output with low energy consumption. This is done trough their energy efficient design, consisting of an optimisation of “key-components”, such as screw & barrel, heating elements en temperature profile (developed by MEAF’s engineers).

Energy saving

The MEAF H-series extruders are equipped with an energy efficient design, consisting of an optimisation of “key-components”, such as screw & barrel, heating elements en temperature profile (developed by MEAF’s engineers). This provides a unique concept when it comes to energy saving, which has proven itself already for many years! Due to the optimised design of the H-series, it is possible to generate average energy consumption between 0.18 en 0.20 kW/kg! This consumption is for the complete extrusion line, including the calander.

Motor and gear reduction

The MEAF H-series extruders are driven by maintenance-free 3 phase AC motors with a connected load varying from 35kW – 250 kW. The motor is of a high efficiency motor, class IE2 (others available on request). The motor is provided with a sound-reduced external cooling fan and thermo contacts for overloading and overheating protection.

Screw and barrel

The MEAF extruder is equipped with a special energy-saving screw and barrel, which has been a proven concept for many years with MEAF! The energy saving possibilities that this combination offers comes forth out of the melting process principle.


Different types of screenchangers are incorporated in the extruder. For the main extruders MEAF uses the continuous non-hydraulic screenchanger for the smaller extruders and the continuous hydraulic double plate screenchanger for the larger extruders. For co-extrusion manual screenchangers are often used, but continuous screenchangers are also possible.

Melt Pump

Our MEAF extruders are standard equiped with a high quality Melt Pump to reduce pressure fluctuations in the flat die to a minimum.

Co-extrusion options are available for multiple layer sheet production, for example:

  • Two/multiple colored sheet;
  • BAB or BABC layer configuration for regrind material solutions;
  • 5-7 layer EVOH barrier sheet.

Other well known applications for co extrusion are:

  • G-PET, the so called GAG sheet;
  • A coextruded layer with additives like anti-blocking, usually done with PET material.


Suitable for PP, PS, HIPS, PET, PE, PA, PLA, TPE (with co extruder) Main motor 35 – 200 kW AC motor, class IE2, with frequency drive Voltage 400V 3 phase 50Hz Screw diameter 50 – 120 mm Barrel L/D ratio 34:1 or 36:1 Continuous screen changer Included Melt pressure pump Included Die width 600 – 2.400 mm Sheet thickness 200 – 8.000 µm | (0.2 – 8.0 mm) Multi-layer options 2 layer B-A 3 layer B-A-B 5 layer C-B-A-B-C (Possible with 2 co extruders) 7 layer D-C-B-A-B-C-D (Possible with 3 co-extruders) Output 10 – 1200 kg p/hour (Depends on chosen & quality of raw material)