MEAF inline sheet extrusion combined with WM thermoformer – Indonesia

When thermoforming large volumes of a particular dimension, inline thermoforming (extrusion + thermoforming + granulating & direct refeeding of the material) is the most efficient production process.

Watch the below movie of one of MEAF’s larger Indonesian customers, producing inline with WM Thermoforming Machines SA FT900 thermoforming machine; At the moment there are 4 energy efficient extrusion lines installed at this customer.

MEAF inline extrusion line number 5 is planned to be delivered in February, followed by number 6 in Q2 of 2023.

MEAF’s inline extrusion lines automatically adapt the calander speed and extruder output, ensuring a continuous flow of production, even when adjusting the thermoforming machine. This integrated system can be utilised for virtually all brands of thermoforming machines.

MEAF delivers new retrofit to existing customer in France

In the (southern part of the) Netherlands there is a proverb: “Wie het kleine niet eert, is het grote niet weerd”, which translates to English as: “Who does not honour small things, is not worthy of great things.”

This is a proverb we take at heart at MEAF. Whether it is a complete sheet extrusion line, addition of a co-extruder, swap out your extruder for an energy-efficient MEAF extruder or replacement of an essential unit, no job is too small for us!

One example of the small things with big impact is the replacement of a temperature regulation unit for an existing calander at our customer Carolex in France.  The standalone unit was delivered at the end of 2022 and we were pleased to hear from our customer that “It’s running perfectly, everyone is happy with it today.”
We would like to thank Carolex for the continued trust in the quality of our machines and looking forward to finalising the next retrofit project together!

Join MEAF at the Chinaplas 2023 from 17 – 20 April, Shenzen, PR China

CHINAPLAS is the world’s leading plastics and rubber trade fair, and also widely recognized by the industry as one of the most influential exhibitions in the world. Its significance is surpassed only by K Fair in Germany, the world’s premier plastics and rubber trade fair.

Planning to visit the Chinaplas 2023 ? Add MEAF Machines to your program. We are located in Hall 5, Stand T55. We are looking forward to discuss with your our “green extrusion solutions, consisting of:

  1. Energy consumption reduced up to 65% compared to our competitors
    With the production costs of electricity rapidly rising, MEAF’s H-series extruders provide an energy efficient alternative to reduce energy costs without compromising on quality.
  2. Material usage reduced with environment friendly physical foaming technology
    Integration of physical foaming technology from Promix can be integrated to achieve density reductions between 10 – 30% whilst retaining stackability and product strength properties.
  3. Improved recyclability of carpets, artificial grass and automats
    MEAF’s extrusion coating for thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), and others such as TPU and PVB, provides the possibility to produce a fully recyclable and sustainable product backings.
  4. Produce monolayer products with 100% regrind and FDA/EFSA approved food grade sheet
    Our extruders are designed to work with 100% regrind incl. bottle-flakes and can assist you with “tray to tray” production.

Our sales team and our local representative are  looking forward to meeting you in Shenzen!

MEAF’s contribution to carpetbacking’s road to sustainability

The year 2022 has seen many (potential) customers come and utilise our 50mm test extrusion line. As circularity for carpet backing is required to be implemented in 2030 in the EU, MEAF has done together with carpet producers, material suppliers and other stakeholders numerous tests on a recyclable alternative to the current EPDM and latex backings.

One of the examples is the utilisation of TPE together with a secondary backing as shown in the below video:

MEAF expands representative network in Latin America

MEAF is pleased to announce that COREMAQ is now representing our company in the Chilean market. With this partnership, MEAF extends its global presence and further solidifies the basis for supporting our customers in Latin America.

With both COREMAQ and RECOMAQ HI-TECH representing MEAF in the western part of South-America, ensures that we can service our (potential) customers even better than before!