Join MEAF at the3P – Plas Print Pack Pakistan 2024 from 5 – 7 September in Lahore, Pakistan

Visit us at our representative’s (RON Extrusion) booth in Hall #1, Stand A#1 -23

The trade show 3P Plas Print Pack carries a significant abbreviation that represents the three burgeoning industries: plastics, printing, and packaging. These industries are of paramount importance to Pakistan as they rank among the primary sectors driving economic growth and industrial development in the country of Pakistan.

Through our (local) representative, Ron Extrusion Engineering , we welcome you at our booth (Hall #1, Stand# A1 – A23) during the 3P Plas Print Pack 2024.

Contact our local representative:

Planning to visit the 3P Plas, Print Pack  2024 ? Add MEAF Machines (through our representative Ron Extrusions Engineering) to your program. We are looking forward to discuss with your our “green extrusion solutions, consisting of:

  1. Energy consumption reduced up to 65% compared to our competitors
    With the production costs of electricity rapidly rising, MEAF’s H-series extruders provide an energy efficient alternative to reduce energy costs without compromising on quality.
  2. Material usage reduced with environment friendly physical foaming technology
    Integration of physical foaming technology from Promix can be integrated to achieve density reductions between 10 – 30% whilst retaining stackability and product strength properties.
  3. Improved recyclability of carpets, artificial grass and automats
    MEAF’s extrusion coating for thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), and others such as TPU and PVB, provides the possibility to produce a fully recyclable and sustainable product backings.For these applications we partner together with EOC Group as compound supplying partner.
  4. Produce monolayer products with 100% regrind and FDA/EFSA approved food grade sheet
    Our extruders are designed to work with 100% regrind incl. bottle-flakes and can assist you with “tray to tray” production.

Our sales team and our local representative are  looking forward to meeting you in Lahore!